Thursday, 14 February 2019

LOVE is in the NEWS! - Shamima Begum, St Valentine’s Day, 2019

Shamima Begum, St Valentine’s Day, 2019

Nineteen and very pregnant,
she wants to come home.
Two children lost already, she doesn’t want
to lose a third.
She and two friends ran away
To join IS in 2015. One is dead,
the fate of the other unknown.
No wonder she wants to come home.

I imagine myself and two friends
at fifteen, sixteen,
full of religious fervour and romantic ideas,
easily influenced..
I imagine how I’d feel, 
friends lost, living under a repressive regime, 
desperate to see my family, save my child.

I know what people will say, about her, about me.
Perhaps I'm soft
but I know I’d let her
come home.

© Jenni Wyn Hyatt

British IS schoolgirl 'wants to return home'

Jenni was born in Wales in 1942 and now lives in Derbyshire. She started writing poetry when she was in her late sixties and also translates verse from Welsh to English. Her work features regularly in 'The Lyric' and other magazines for formal verse. She published her first collection, 'Perhaps One Day', in 2017 and is in the process of preparing a second.