Thursday, 14 February 2019

LOVE is in the NEWS! - Gra/Love


At Glasgow’s Charing Cross a woman stops
and shows her child the moon
a bright  yello globe in an indigo sky.

In a muted restaurant with worn out chairs
and formica tables, a man eats alone.

In a Dublin hospital the woman says 
‘I’ll have the operation without anesthetic 
                         as long as my baby is safe’.

In Auschwitz, Primo Levi observes his birthday
with parcels of bread  and hoarded scraps of paper.

I’m struggling on the hill, you take my pack

                                               and carry us both home.

© Rona Fitzgerald

All you need is love: experts on the changing face of modern romance

Rona has poems in UK, Scottish, Irish and US publications. Highlights include the Stinging Fly 2011, Aiblins: New Scottish Political Poetry 2016, Oxford Poetry 2017, Poems for Grenfell Tower, Onslaught Press 2018 and #Me Too, Fair Acre Press, 2018.