Saturday, 16 February 2019

I’m counting

The crocuses are out, purple and yellow
encircled with slender snowdrops
            soul lanterns on the Ganges. 

The sparkle is back in your eye 
another spring taking bloom. 
I’m glad we weathered twenty five.

Even when the wolf gnawed my soul
light tiptoed back  
                     words consoled. 

Now you and I can enjoy 
a more subtle melody. 

Folded together like a cello on its side. 
Heart beat harmony.

© Rona Fitzgerald

All you need is love: experts on the changing face of modern romance

Rona has poems in UK, Scottish, Irish and US publications. Highlights include the Stinging Fly 2011, Aiblins: New Scottish Political Poetry 2016, Oxford Poetry 2017, Poems for Grenfell Tower, Onslaught Press 2018 and #Me Too, Fair Acre Press, 2018.