Thursday, 28 February 2019


Welcome to the funhouse!
Here is our first exhibit:
two lists of names of almost
identical length. We call this
a Decisive Referendum Victory.

In here, please; you will see
a scatter of green benches, a few
elderly persons sleeping. This is
the place where all our laws are scrutinised;
the Upper Chamber of Parliament.

We won’t show you the Lower Chamber;
you can hear from outside
that the noise is far too bestial,
the level of language too primitive -
it’s Prime Minister’s Question Time.

These gleaming towers along the river
are the homes of bankers, a race
or people who love to steal your money
but cannot be prevented because
they are so rich and well-protected.

Here there are knives and blood
and people crying out in pain and despair,
some in beds, some in uniforms -
no no, it is not a torture chamber,
it is the National Health Service.

See that jolly policeman? Oh dear,
he has knocked a boy down by accident
and the boy has turned quite black
with regret at all the trouble
he is causing. Please don’t stare.

Please please: don’t  stare.

© David Punter

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David is a poet and critic, and has published many poems before in, for example, PN Review, Encounter, The Rialto and elsewhere. I have also published six poetry pamphlets. My blog is