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Thursday, 28 February 2019

Brexitum ad infinitum

Oh, will it neverendum

This son of referendum

Unfurling discontentum

‘Cross Party Conservatorium

-  So lacking in disciplinarian

And good old-fashioned decorum?

Can’t someone please just send ‘em

To the EU’s viginti Septem

To get an agreed addendum,

Expunge each corrigendum

And make a new tenendum,

Not to mention definiendum,

To end this irksome conundrum

That’s caused such great opprobrium

And large intakes of (inter alia) opium,

And create a new agendum

That all can fain credendum,

And bring a pleasing endum

To this Brexit pandaemonium?

© David Ellis

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David is a retired English language lecturer and writer of short stories and poems, living precariously close to the fast-receding sand dunes of Merseyside.

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