Saturday, 26 January 2019


March One

No registration counts
three thousand pairs of teenage feet
marching, shouting in the street.

Placards flying, faces painted,
sinister masks and shining eyes.
Skipping school to save themselves.

Calling the world to take action.
We, the adults, the ones in charge
are endangering their future.

March Two

Twelve thousand pairs of teenage feet
- my daughter is among them -
hearts explode with love and pride.

My Mighty Girl and her peers
chanting their demands
Change and change and change

                       We Must!

March Three

Forty thousand this week gone.
On and on and on they go,
election year, we have to listen.
Crummy men in boring suits
challenged by the young.

Future coming faster every year.
Ice caps melt, tension foments,
Arctic battles loom.
Heat waves a danger now,
water low and disappearing.

March and march and march my friends
the planet needs you to defend!

© Emma Woodford

Thousands of Belgian students are skipping class to protest against climate change

Emma is a social activist and poet living in the Belgian countryside with her family and many animals.