Sunday, 6 January 2019

Recipe for a Vegan Sausage Roll

Not a carrot wrapped in pastry.
I give you - mycoprotein:
a special mould (fermented, dried)
that’s causing quite the outcry

They say a sausage has to be
42% meat, yet apparently
once its veiled in flake
it only has to muster 6
(and even then it’s cheek and gristle,
sinew, tongue and fat and bread so)

meat you say? No.
I give you – mycoprotein

it’s Quorn that’s guaranteed to be
quite free from spleen and rectum
(save for those that vent on twitter)

so if you want a snack that won’t tell porkies
have a butcher’s somewhere else

and give this tale a whirl.

© Chris Allen

Chris Allen - 44yo English Teacher of 11 years: @mydigression twitter is where I see the news/trends and consider takes