Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Mirrors of Sound

Silently standing, slowly crumbling
A fading reminder of Britain at war
Coastal defences of a bygone era
Left to decay without being used
Superseded by newer technology
Concave concrete constructions
Curved, man-made mirrors of sound
Faced an enemy across the channel
All sizes and shapes, selected and tested
Strategic zeppelin seekers
Designed to protect our skies and shores
Capturing the sound of airborne invaders
Warning Britain of danger above
A solid concept, yet so quickly surpassed
Time and technology waits for no one
RADAR appeared, the new kid on the block
Major Tucker’s aircraft tracking creation
Left behind, as science rushed onward
Acoustic amplifiers to outdated oddities
Many dismantled, some still listening
A silent legacy of human invention
Unused, obsolete - forgotten

© Peter Wright

Peter was born in Kent and now lives in Dorset. He is a member of a local writing group writing poetry, flash fiction and short stories