Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Asking For Directions

When it comes to having an orgasm,
in the exact same way as their pay,
women have a glass ceiling -
a climax ain't coming their way.

Most men achieve happy endings,
most women asked just do not.
Most men think that they’re bang on the money -
most of them don’t hit the spot.

Its like they think they’re driving a car -
men won’t ask for directions.
Theres not enough blood to nourish the brain,
decisions are made by erections.

Communication, I’m told, is the only solution,
for men to improve on their penis.
Difficult to do when men come from Mars
and their women all hail from Venus.

© Andrew Goodison

Sexism in sex is a burning injustice women face in 2019 - and the banned sex toy at CES just proved it

Andrew Goodison is a single father of two, full time carer and full time poet, living in the West of Ireland.