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Saturday, 25 May 2019

April Showers May Flowers (A Goddess’s perspective)

The news comes today

Theresa May resigns her position, 

Did she pull us back from a massive collision?

By the time Britain woke up, to the oncoming onslaught

An iceberg was encroaching 

And the laws of Albina, were disposing 

A decade ago, Britain was already dying 

And a woman took hold of the helm, 

The greed of the ‘fat cats’, had begun to govern our sovereign realm 

To and fro in her wayward ship, thrusting amidst the crashing swells

A steadfast woman 

Sounded Britain’s alarm bells

All the parties had their say; not one could agree with May

She ducked and dived 

To protect the ‘mother;’

She understood sovereignty, as the bones of the Magna Carta

Were born out of the same kind of greed

We see spreading within the EEC

When 200 and something laws, are needed to govern a lampshade 

What hope do humans have? 

She played Britain’s hand, despite the ones who buried their heads in the sand 

Britain has been there and done that

Which is how she recognised 

The bureaucratic trap 

Who rule us from their Ivory towers in Brussels

But Theresa May flexed some British muscle;

Not once deterred by her diabetes 

She stood strong against

The endless treaties 

That were ripped up and thrown out 
And each time she went back to the drawing board

The minions still cowered!

The covenant she made, she will take to her grave 

The heroine’s journey, like Joan of Arc

Will come to light, only with much hindsight 

A man will be exalted, unless he’s a rapist

A woman will be holy, if she lives in renunciation 
But neither of these roles, relieve us our constant craving,

Farewell to a brave woman, 

Who embodied the constitution she fought so hard to protect 

After all, she did it because of Britain’s subjects!

When the waters calm, and they will,

I pray the flowers of May 

Come fragrantly to us in the new clay

© Douglas Whyte

Theresa May's voice cracks at end of resignation speech

Douglas Whyte

Douglas has been writing for most his life and ran small businesses for the last 11 years. Now he has more time to focus on writing. A welcomed change. He worked as a freelance journalist while living in Calgary and currently he is working on his third manuscript for publication.

Friday, 24 May 2019



Nerves of steel
the drip drip drip
of strong and stable
glugging down the drain
sans mettle

© Bex Tate

What went wrong at British Steel?

Thursday, 23 May 2019

Infinitival Infinities: A Sonnet in Fragments

To be               a matter when there’s no question
Or not to be     a question when nothing really matters

To sing            with a frog squatting straight
On a lotus leaf in the Honghu Lake    near Jingzhou

    To recollect all the pasts, and mix them
Together like a glass of           cocktail

To build                       a nest of meaning 
Between two broken branches on       Ygdrasil 

To strive          for deity
Longevity        and
Even happiness

To come          on and off line every other while

To compress    consciousness into a file, and upload it
    Onto a nanochip. To be           daying, to                    die

© Yuan Changming

An AI Discussion with Yuval Noah Harari – To Know or Not to Know Yourself

Yuan Changming  published monographs on translation before leaving his native country. Currently, Yuan lives in Vancouver, where he edits Poetry Pacific with Allen Qing Yuan. Credits include ten Pushcart nominations, Best of the Best Canadian Poetry (2008-17) and BestNewPoemsOnline, among others.

Wednesday, 22 May 2019

The Politics of Abstinence

Here’s the #SexStrikethat matters: Do not sleep with anyone who believes in forcing women to give birth. Do not fuck misogynists or white supremacists. Don’t have sex with people who don’t see you as a person. Apart from anything else, they’re generally rubbish in bed.”Laurie Penny‏ @PennyRedMay 12

Today begins the great cross and clench
for the Guardian columnist            
as her area shuts up shop in solidarity
with people who don’t want to be but are
pregnant in Georgia, Alabama
and places even further from Islington than that.

Tiny flying pickets circle
the entrance to the promised land
with signs that shout:
They Shall Not Pass! 
or Dispute On Here.
Though you’d need
a magnifying glass to read them.

So far today, they’ve turned back
the former Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan,
who, on inspection, was found to be
naked beneath his gleaming white sheet;
a guy called Doug wearing nothing
but a Make America Great Again cap
imported from El Salvador;
some dude she met in college
who used to like to
have his bum lightly chastised 
with briars; the professor she once,
at his own request, 
fastened to the bedroom door
with strategically placed
black leather belts; and the late 
Anita Bryant carrying
what looks suspiciously like             
an excessively sized strap-on.

For none shall break this strike
until it’s achieved
the far better ecstasy 
of enough people in the internet
exclaiming our heroine’s name. 

© Kevin Higgins

Actress Alyssa Milano calls for sex strike in protest at abortion bans

Kevin Higgins 

Kevin is co-organiser of Over The Edge literary events in Galway, Ireland. He teaches poetry workshops at Galway Arts Centre, Creative Writing at Galway Technical Institute, and is Creative Writing Director for the National University of Ireland - Galway Summer School. He is poetry critic of The Galway AdvertiserHe has published five collections of poetry. His next poetry collection, Sex and Death at Merlin Park Hospital, will be published by Salmon Poetry in June 2019.

Tuesday, 21 May 2019

My Milkshake Drives All the Fascists From the Yard

would be the obvious title for this poem

but leave its content redundant - the joke

already made, the bolt shot (or the shake 

thrown) and nobody really buying

a Kelis reference from a guy so not down

with the kids it hurts. Think instead

on the milkshake gagged at the behest

of Edinburgh’s finest: unsold, disallowed.

A clampdown, the far-right pissed

at the soft drink weapon-of-choice du jour:

used to be “bash the flash”, now it’s pour

a milky drink on the ugly suit of a racist.

So think on the milkshakes of Edinburgh

held back behind the thin blue line,

a D-notice in place lest they try to provide

a lactose antidote to the snake-oil peddler

mouthing off with the same old UKIP

drivel rebranded as a sop to Leave.

Imagine what one milkshake could achieve:

the arc, the hit, the spill, the drip, drip, drip.

© Neil Fulwood

Police tell McDonald's not to sell milkshakes ahead of Nigel Farage rally

Neil Fulwood

Neil lives and works in Nottingham. His first collection No Avoiding It is available from Shoestring Press; his second is scheduled for publication in 2019.

Left Luggage

Left Luggage

The Hamburg taxi driver
thought that it was strange
when the passengers paid
then said, keep the change
for they hadn't left any tip
but a baby having a kip.

© Luigi Pagano

Monday, 20 May 2019

Ineffective Electives

Political stalemate?
Completely ineffective 
Are those so called electives 

Half a century later 
It’s the same old rhetoric;
The peace that came 
Was endowed with the same 

Ghosts from the past, 
Who thrive on differences 
And cast, 
Webs of destruction 

Upon our children’s education
Mental health issues grow 
Special needs are increasing 
And who is policing? 

These paid non-workers 
Whose vision lack many colours 
Thinking not of our tomorrow’s 
And waste the time we’ve all borrowed,

And our verdant green fields 
Shine irridescently in the sun 
Waiting; oh waiting, 
For our new leader to come

© Douglas Whyte

Douglas Whyte

Douglas has been writing for most his life and ran small businesses for the last 11 years. Now he has more time to focus on writing. A welcomed change. He worked as a freelance journalist while living in Calgary and currently he is working on his third manuscript for publication.

Sunday, 19 May 2019

House Advisory

Roof: Always stand high & look afar beyond!
Attic: Fix the leak first!
Ceiling: Never hit the ceiling with megalomaniac!
Wall: Turn around before getting a nasty bump on your head!
Balcony: Stand aside to take a bird’s view of the situation!
Window: let some light enter your life!
Floor: Set your feet firmly in reality!
Stairs: [Watch your step! Or] Take   one step at         a   time!

A few more from fixtures:

Air conditioner: Keep cool & calm!
Bed: Dare to dream!
Clock: Treasure every minute!
Calendar: Go along with the times!
Mirror: It’s necessary to examine your life from time to time!
Table lamp: Live to illuminate others!
Toilet: [Most important,] just let        it          go        !!

© Yuan Changming

Lessons Learned From the Tiny House Movement

Yuan Changming  published monographs on translation before leaving his native country. Currently, Yuan lives in Vancouver, where he edits Poetry Pacific with Allen Qing Yuan. Credits include ten Pushcart nominations, Best of the Best Canadian Poetry (2008-17) and BestNewPoemsOnline, among others. 

Saturday, 18 May 2019

Alabama Exercise

Stand on one leg
stretch out your arms
balance the weight
of an idea of life
in one fist
with the weight
of an ideal life
in the other
while the scales 
are resting
on the shoulders
of a woman whose
neck is bent
from the weight
of your boot
on her head

© Lianne Kamp

Alabama governor signs nation's most restrictive anti-abortion bill into law

Lianne Kamp

Lianne resides in Boston, Massachusetts. Her poems and short stories appear in assorted print journals and on-line publications including: Poets Reading the News, Tuck Magazine, Rattle’s Ekphrastic Challenge, Dime Show Review, Scarlet Leaf Review, Poetry Quarterly, Dual Coast Magazine, and a number of Prolific Press anthologies. She writes poetry to make her world-view more panoramic by examining it more closely.

Friday, 17 May 2019

Barca Nostra (Our Boat)

"a monument to contemporary migration"?

Help up. dead weight like a ‘someone’ in -
Or a ‘fish’ out of…. Questions not judgments?  
There, blending the blue sky and sea 
Merging between life and opportunity 

“Destination Italia”  
seize the opportunity; the seas opportunity.
Art? Or just a crass attention seeking …?
That oh so easy Sunday afternoon browse

Leaves nothing for the mind to opine.
The world and its Fates flick and muse.
What would that old stalwart Immanuel Kant
Make of this piece, and its generated rant

© Jonathan Beale

Venice Biennale: Is exhibiting tragic migrant ship distasteful?

Jonathan Beale 

Jonathan has had his work published in over sixty journals, Danse Macabre, Bluepepper, Mad Swirl, Red Wolf Editions, et al.  He is also published in two anthologies ‘Drowning’ and ‘The Poet as Sociopath’ (Scar publications). And one to be published ‘Do not be afraid’ a small anthology dedicated to Seamus Heaney. His first book of poetry The Destinations of Raxiera (Hammer and Anvil) in November 2015. He lives in Surrey, UK.

June, July and...Augusta

June, July and...Augusta

May ends in June
the papers say
and she knows why.
What no one knows
is, come July
who'll steer the rudder.
Mention of Boris
makes people shudder.
Some who believe
we need new blood
may be inclined
to choose Amber Rudd.

© Luigi Pagano

Thursday, 16 May 2019

‘So fare well then….’

Goodbye. Jeremy Kyle even before the watershed
The knives were always out.
The point of the mass mass media
That un-containable beast ready to pounce   

Mob rule, rules the mob - see them squeal -
Behind their over-sized TV’s 
Ochlocracys swing every way. And that. 
For the deranged, the lost and misguided 

some invisible fissure
unknowable unpredictable, yet inevitable

© Jonathan Beale

TV industry under the microscope after Jeremy Kyle Show cancellation

Jonathan Beale has had his work published in over sixty journals, Danse Macabre, Bluepepper, Mad Swirl, Red Wolf Editions, et al.  He is also published in two anthologies ‘Drowning’ and ‘The Poet as Sociopath’ (Scar publications). And one to be published ‘Do not be afraid’ a small anthology dedicated to Seamus Heaney. His first book of poetry The Destinations of Raxiera (Hammer and Anvil) in November 2015. He lives in Surrey, UK.

Off the rails

Off the rails

The minister Chris Grayling
who's found that transport
is not altogether plain sailing
was the one who introduced
the probation service reforms
but as privatisation is failing
there is a big mess to sort.

© Luigi Pagano

Look On the Not So Bright Side

Look On the Not So Bright Side
For every poetry website closing
The branch of a bank opens.
George Salamon was happy to have been a contributor to Poetry24..

© George Salamon

(For link, see Important Message in sidebar)

Tuesday, 14 May 2019

People who lead good lives

"People who lead good lives"
--Alabama congressman, Mo Brooks

are dying all the time.
Dying in a shelter, in the subway,
just outside the sliding doors
of the insurance gates of Emergency.

Jesus should always be a picture
of light crying, not some nazi-white
nonsense guy with a halo, but a big heart
with thorns and razorwire.

Yeah, the "good life" money people
who can afford their preexistings,
can afford to take time off, hire someone,
use them and fire someone.

I'm in my dirty life, I'm in it because 
everyone worth the salt and chemicals
of their bodies in the bible, struggle,
wait patiently, and then ride on to heaven.

© J.P. Dancing Bear

J. P. Dancing Bear - [Twitter: @jpdancingbear]

J. P.'s most recent book, Fish Singing Foxes, is out by Salmon Poetry this month. His next book, Of Gods and Monsters, later this year from Glass Lyre Press.

Death of a legend

Death of a legend

We say farewell to Doris;
she played Calamity Jane
but she wasn't as calamitous
as some of our politicians
like Jeremy, Theresa or Boris
who are giving us pain.

© Luigi Pagano

Monday, 13 May 2019

Nigel Barrage

A balloon of limp form and bluster
A container of lighter than air
With an attack that drowns out any opposition
So no one can hear the counter viewpoint clear

You shout out we must deliver The Peoples Brexit
Your chant, your mantra, your artillery strike
But you still happily take home your Euros
And your children can all ride German bikes

And while we have to sever all our euro-ties
to sail off into a slack free market lagoon
you voted to keep your European pension
to keep feeding hot air into your balloon

Your policies are all soundbites and anger
Your strategy is just to 'get out of there'
While your hedge fund friends make money from instability
About real people, the impact, you don't care

You've lined your pocket at the table
One where you complain that its obviously European made
But you still happily take home jolly foreigners doggy bag
Knowing delivereuro will keep paying your pension wage

© Andrew Minhinnick

BBC Question Time: ‘Nigel, just answer the question’ Farage silenced by furious audience member over trade deal blunder

Andrew Minhinnick

Andrew is a fifty year old, unpublished scribbler. Work prevents him from dedicating as much time as he would like, to his writing. Nevertheless, he tries to pen something every day. His four unfinished novels and hundreds of poems tell the tale.

Sunday, 12 May 2019

Mother's Day Poem Written While Sitting In A Bar In Madrid

Mother's Day Poem Written While Sitting In A Bar In Madrid

Happy Mother's Day,
to the mother of my children,

I am so very grateful.
Happy Mother's Day
to my mother, to the mother
of all that is just and good.
Happy Mother's Day,
to Mother Earth:

The earth explodes today
in its exuberance and gratitude.

© Gil Hoy

This is how Mother's Day was born

Stormtroopers for Virtue

Stormtroopers of the politically correct
Want Camille Paglia fired, her views
Clash with those of the PC crowd
On what really matters: identity,
Gender, sex and race.
PC is not like the Left of old,
Engaged in the class war against
Capitalism's new robber barons,
The hedge fund Ponzi schemers,
 High tech's billionaire. dealers.
PC is marketing your virtue while
Living well in  pockets of the corrupt.
Paglia uses reason and its evil
Handmaiden, free speech, to expose
The charade of the Starbuck socialists.
Reason is a weapon the PCers do not
Possess, so it must be banned, and
Free speech silenced.
Then PC can continue to hammer
More nails into the coffin
Enclosing the American mind.

© George Salamon

Camille Paglia Can’t Say That

George Salamon 

George has had careers as professor of German, business journalist and public affairs writer/manager. He now contributes articles and poems to progressive publications such as The New Verse News and Dissident Voice from St. Louis, MO

Saturday, 11 May 2019

The Miracle in Poway

(For Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein)

Leaders, they speak like you!

Did we forget, the way of the Lord? A prayer shawl

Out of all things you snatched to keep 

Your strong fingers attached—

Shall we memorialize the chair you stood on
Hands hanging by bloody tendrils?

How far I’d travel to put a hand on that chair
And to gaze at that shawl,

What image might one trace on that holy garment?

I know—something miraculous, the imprint of the angel

That jammed the rifle,

A piece of shattered wing-bone, alight! 

The same angel that bound the killer’s neck
In blunt thorns, hooked words piercing the phone

As he confessed to the slaughter,

An act afloat in the swirling air, a sonic flight of innocent spirits, 

A country like the corpse of a woman
Lying in the dark space that was once 

Flooded in light 

A hole where its heart used to beat.

© Alejandro Escudé

Poway synagogue shooting captured on video, prosecutors say, as they describe attack

Alejandro Escudé 

Alejandro received an MA from UC Davis and works as an English teacher. Originally from Argentina,  Alejandro lives in Los Angeles. A new book, “The Book of the Unclaimed Dead,” published by Main Street Rag Press, is now available. Alejandro is a single Dad to two great kids and lives in Los Angeles with his dog, Jake.

Friday, 10 May 2019

To All the Women Running for President of the United States

When you see
a little girl

Particularly if she
does not smile
very much,

Or has a tiny tear
on her young cheek,

You be sure
to tell her—

Please be sure
to tell—

Drawing deep from
within your own pain

That you, too,
can be a Senator,

Or perhaps
even President.

© Gil Hoy

Who’s Running for President in 2020?

Gil Hoy

Gil is a Boston poet and trial lawyer who is studying poetry at Boston University through its Evergreen program. Hoy received a B.A. in Philosophy and Political Science from Boston University, an M.A. in Government from Georgetown University, and a J.D. from the University of Virginia School of Law. He served as a Brookline, Massachusetts Selectman for four terms. Hoy’s poetry has appeared, most recently, in Ariel Chart, The Penmen Review, Right Hand Pointing/One Sentence Poems, The New Verse News and Clark Street Review.

Thursday, 9 May 2019

Our Ship

In olden days, the great explorers' way
Was to bring back, for general display,
Bones and false gods, and relics of that kind
To edify and civilise the mind.

Thus edified, our wealth creators come
To rescue and refine petroleum;
Some people indolently flee the fuss,
And so the bones now bring themselves to us.

It was a death-scene; now it's Art, and so
The civilised can drive along and go
And view this vessel of barbaric vice,
This relic of an awful sacrifice.

© Philip Challinor

Boat in which hundreds of migrants died displayed at Venice Biennale

Philip Challinor - [Blog: The Curmudgeon[Philip's Store, Lulu Publishing]  

Philip Challinor posts fiction, satire and assorted grumbles at his blog, The Curmudgeon.

Build It

Build it then.
Get the diggers on the job,
but hear it for the creatures
of woodland and lake,
the great and the small,
of songs sung of long ago
when rabbits and toads
hopped alongside roads
with mad abandon,
their only worry
a hungry dog fox roaming.

Build it then.
Get the planes in the sky,
but hear it for the birds,
the sweet butterfly
the incandescent moth,
fluttering to extinction.
Let's have three cheers
for the buzz of bumble
dining on clover puffs,
attaining heights
of natural flight unaided.

Build the bloody thing.
It doesn't matter anymore,
but hear it for your children,
those yet to birth.
This was your choice.
A holiday in Benidorm,
or a clapped out earth.
Oh, build that damn runway!
It doesn't matter anymore.
It's far, far too late.
It's far, far too late.

© Cath Campbell

Friends of the Earth to appeal against Heathrow judgment

Cath Campbell

Cath is a Northumbrian poet who loves eating, dog walking, and the sea. She has an MA in creative writing from Newcastle university, and has had poems published in several magazines, including Prole, Obsessed With Pipework, Erbacce, and IAmNotASilentPoet. She also has a poem published in #MeToo, a woman's poetry anthology.

Wednesday, 8 May 2019

E.T. Is coming

He, came down to earth and now
another He may be imminent.
We may reach Him sooner it seems, 
as Saturn’s Enceladus moons
at us suggesting itself.

Living, they posit, is infectious.
Maybe Proxima Centauri,
Maybe space dust,
maybe He is really out there
in a way even atheists understand.

Give them carbon, hydrogen, oxygen,
something of a promised land.
Scientifically proven, could there be
a heaven, where our atoms go
spreading amongst galaxies?

Caution, sound the klaxon,
maybe He is really Him.
He who has a black hole wobbling
and spreads infection.

Casting his seeds, 
spreading his cause 
on a cosmic scale.
His amino acid in the tails of comets.

E.T. is imminent they say.
Not too far to stretch the imagination
through carbon, hydrogen and oxygen,
or maybe, just maybe, I say,
stretch Saturn into Satan.

© Neil William Holland

Why alien life no longer seems like science fiction: Expert claims recent discoveries including organic compounds on Mars suggest finding ET is 'inevitable and possibly imminent'

Neil Holland is a U.K. poet whose poetry has featured on internet radio stations, the Cube Digital Gallery in Leicester, Colourscape in London, and Rotherham, England.