Sunday, 23 December 2018

What is the true meaning of it all?

"But so what if your baubles don’t match and you haven’t moved that blasted Elf off the Shelf for three days."

It's a fun run up
To Xmas day.
Economic measures are well intentioned-
Just buy a few pressies,
Don't need to eat out or buy much in-
Just look at other people
On Universal Credit, waiting
For a payment which won't come before Christmas.

As November progresses one realises;
The suggestion of Secret Santa for the family hasn't worked
So individual presents are in order,
Relatives on both sides have extended.
A visit to Birmingham Christmas market costs
A hundred quid but, first class was a good offer.

Good friends;
Don't need to go too mad,
Though it all tots up.
Pressures to go for meals-
Oh we should even though
It'll take weeks of organising
(And deposits)
God forbid anyone
Who doesn't turn up.

Okay we won't go to Waitrose-
But have you seen how much a single shop
At B&M and Tesco
Can add up.
There are stringent successes;

No way am I buying Baileys,
Some Irish Cream at half the price will do
The Christmas market in Chester is avoided,
Covered in lights and money traps.

If you don't have the perfect Christmas tree;
And titbits, techy pressies and whopping turkey
(Bought on credit, quite likely)
Take a leaf from Port Talbot's sorry tree-
It's the love behind it that counts
Not how verdant or glowy it is.
But make sure you save
For next year's foray.

© Amanda Derry

What one town's 'sorry-looking' Christmas tree tells us about the festive spirit

Amanda Derry joined a Creative Writing class, following a breakdown, which played a significant role in her recovery. She now embeds literacy skills into classes that she teaches. Amanda also runs the Facebook Group, I Love Writing.