Sunday, 30 December 2018

That Which Is Caesar’s

In his rallies
he leads chants to jail his enemies.

Nobody ever told him
to treat others
as he would be treated.

Beside the road to power
the bodies are buried.

He treated others
in just exactly whatever way
he thought he’d get away with.

And now he appoints
his thuggish lieutenants
to their places of power.

He says everything before him
was broken.
He says he is making everything great
like never before.

He has made a trail of crime
like seldom before.
The bodies beside the road
now point their skeletal fingers.

One by one
the thuggish lieutenants
are used up.
Even senators are whispering.

And now the oval walls
of his bunker seem
to close in like deadly conspirators
to crush his greatness,
but really it’s the law.

And, after due process,
everyone can see what’s coming,
except for the biggest thug of all.

Alas, my country
does not deserve me!
A nation of traitors!
He tweets and he bawls.

And they render unto Caesar
that which is Caesar’s.

© David Bateman

David Bateman had his most recent book, Shtum: The Stutter Poems published by Iron Press, 2016. It's available from Iron Press, Amazon and elsewhere. ‘punchy poems... told with wit and invention’ – The Crack Magazine.