Friday, 7 December 2018

Robbed of Gods

I hear of a child being torn
from their mother’s embrace
Instantly I remember
the feeling resting there:
between lanky limbs;
voice through ribcage,
fingers playing with
stresses of my fine hair
being held as if
was I constructed of glass
or some precious, dried out clay

Easily breakable is the child

This child was stolen
from those branches of
careful, soulful loving
dragged away from life’s
warm source
howling throats
join in chorale disharmony
soon to be cut,
soon to be silenced

No vase or glass
crushed against their floors
but the skulls carrying
stresses of fine, soft hair
not granted time to grow

Easily breakable is the child

We leave a future to rot
in rooms where eyes go blind
yet the howling voices of
robbed mothers
echoe through the memory
carried forward
in the fragility of their embrace

Ignorance breaks the child

Maria Hols-Saavedra is a Swedish born poet living in Luxembourg. Her style has been described as “romantic and stringent” and recurrent themes are human memory, nostalgia and existence.