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Tuesday, 18 December 2018

From Martin to Ada

You've won the Women's Ballon d'Or
You dribble, tackle, shoot and score
But do you twerk?

You strike a hard and well-aimed ball
Around a wide defensive wall
But do you twerk?

Top scorer in the Champions League
But one thing fills me with intrigue:
Do you twerk?

I know your sporting skills inspire us
But do you move like Miley Cyrus?
Do you twerk?!

As I present the great award
I don't know where my sense is stored
It doesn't work

© Janine Booth

Ballon d'Or: DJ Martin Solveig sorry for Ada Hegerberg 'twerk' question

Janine Booth lives in Hackney, east London, and writes books as well as poetry. Her biography of Minnie Lansbury - suffragette, socialist and rebel councillor - has just been published by Five Leaves.


  1. Great poem
    The path ahead is so much longer than it should be!!
    I wrote a little ditty on the same subject In brief. I am really heartened to see a more elaborate poem on the same subject although it would be more heartening not to have to address this sexist nonsense at all

  2. The shallow will always be with us.

  3. Thanks!
    It's good to see that Andy Murray has once again distinguished himself by speaking out against sexism in sport. I'm really warming to they guy.

  4. I think the poem would work better with an additional line at the end: What a jerk.