Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Cabinet Ramps Up Preparations For No Deal

At first to keep the numbers up she paid a billion quid

The DUP now in her pay would do just as she bid

The magic money tree bore fruit it was as if she fed it

That sum seemed so immense to those on Universal Credit

But still her party hunted her like angry baying hounds

To get away from them she took a train, to Brussels bound

She tried to get the deal re-viewed but EU leaders hid

They couldn't re-negotiate, it wasn't what they did

'And as for nebulous', the man was sure he never said it

'But why when we've a deal in place do UK folks not ged it?'

So 1950s womens' pensions still cannot be found

Yet down the sofa she can find two billion sterling pounds

The can she's kicking down the road says 'No Deal' on the lid

So surely then of this nightmare Theresa can be rid

When every day the news gets worse she really must now dread it

Just leave the poison chalice that is also known as Brexit!

© Lesley Webb

Brexit: Cabinet 'ramps up' no-deal planning

Lesley Webb is a member of the Gillingham (Dorset) Writing Group, she writes poetry and fiction
and has had a Pocket Novel and a short story published recently.