Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Brexit means Brexit (or does it?)

Theresa got the deal done and assured us 'Its the best'
The 'Backstop's not a problem' if it meets her red line test
She sent out all the cabinet to quell MPs unrest
Persuade them not to vote against became the Ministers' quest
Their weekend ruined as she sent them North, South, East and West
Liz Truss made some black pudding, but not with too much zest
And as they travelled round some even wore a yellow vest
They left their homes and families, and could not invite guests
And muttered underneath their breath 'Theresa's such a pest'
And all to keep dissenters down, those vipers in her nest
But now she's had to stop the vote, its serious not a jest
Brexit means Brexit, NOT, it seems. I really must protest!

© Lesley Webb

Brexit: MPs debate EU court ruling

Lesley Webb is a member of the Gillingham (Dorset) writing group. She has published some fiction and writes poems to quell her fear of the omnishambles!