Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Smoke and mirrors

We are aware that
there are fake news
but we didn't know
that there is a software
to produce fake nudes.
Some media outlets
are won't to exhibit
doctored pictures
that are quite explicit.
Some celebs are victims
of this false technology,
their character smeared
with no hint of apology.
For such photography
there is no excuse;
it's sheer pornography
and a personal abuse.
Many people have said
that it is about time
that deepfake porn
is declared a crime.

© Luigi Pagano

What Is Deepfake Pornography And Is It Illegal In The UK?

Luigi Pagano has published three collections of poems: ‘Idle Thoughts’, ’Reflections’ and ‘Poetry On Tap’. His work has been featured in ABCTales’ magazines, UKAuthors’ anthologies, Poetry24 and several other publications.