Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Save the Whale?

It was all over Twitter
and local radio had
a ball urging folk to
get down the beach
and save the stranded whale.

And we came, in our
ones and twos and then
our dozens, and soon a small
army was heaving and pushing
to save the stranded whale.

It took us hours, but
wasn’t it worth it! To see
the noble creature slide back
into the surf and know
we’d saved the stranded whale.

So we said our goodbyes
and drifted back to normal
life, and the darkening beach
emptied, and the tide covered the
tracks of the stranded whale

and in the morning the
sun let on the flotsam
and jetsam we rescuers left
behind, the things we
couldn’t help but drop
and didn’t miss,
a hundred and fifteen plastic cups
four plastic bottles
a nylon bag
a thousand other plastic pieces
and one pair of
all tidied up by the
poisoned sea that
doomed the stranded whale.

© Charlie Lambert

Charlie Lambert is a former sports broadcaster who began writing poetry in 2016. His work features in the recent anthology of poetry by Cumbrian poets This Place I Know, published by Handstand Press.