Friday, 23 November 2018

Over The Barcode Of Me And You

Smart lives for Smart people
Is it too late for a warning?
Dante's hell came true
Even for master builders in a mindcraft world
The saviours are digital knights in Orwellian armour
Crimes are virtual
Relationships are virtual
Finance is virtual
Online is never switched off
Who does the collecting, the creating, the selecting
A robot with a human face or a human with a robot brain
Is anything real anymore?
I wish it was fake news
It is until it's true
There's a scanning in progress
Over the barcode of me and you

© V Topp

V Topp is a poet and writer. Has published one ebook 'Drinking From The Sane Water' and been published by Quantum Leap, Poetry Now, The Runt Zine.