Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Presume Innocence

Uphold the rule of law
you may find this a bore
prefer to point the finger
let allegations linger -
the stories inexact.
consolidated, backed.
And lives may not recover
your husband's, wife’s, or brother’s
we all know mud can stick
some people can be thick
claim allegation's fact
applaud when you are sacked
the grey areas dismissing
all fine distinctions missing -

assuming you're the rogue
when witch-hunts are in vogue.
One day you may be tried
accused, because someone lied -
be charged, awaiting trial
your private life on file.

Yes, felons can go free
and innocents found guilty
though law is not foolproof
without it we’re uncouth.

© S. O. Fasrus

Women aren't a monolith – and the white women supporting Kavanaugh prove it

S.O. Fasrus: Social Justice Campaigner & Social Research Interviewer. Her verse and poems; some comic; satirical; and serious; can be found online. Recent poems are in New Verse News, Culture Matters, and Poems for Grenfell Tower.