Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Wealth Creators

the money man stands
to make it minted
shafting those who graft for him
still skint and claiming benefits
to pay the rent
aching bones and broken homes
are not sufficient sacrifice
for now he beams with hand outstretched
to those whose torture
raised his fortune
buy back what you made he says
at twice the price

the money man stands
to make a killing
sweat shop hell holes
selling souls
as workers feud
between themselves
this modern form of feudalism
‘free market’ capitalism
really fundamentalism
steals our freedom
all encompassed exploitation
slaves to market
mark up margins
profits bulging
built on breaking backs
while others fall
between the cracks

the money man stands
to make a profit
as he passes goods from hand to hand
then makes demands
drives down the price
and takes his slice
why should we not sack this guy?
he bleeds us dry
unending greed
chain of command
this blatant cashing in on artisans
his plan
to gatecrash our endeavours
will the real
creators please stand?
time to sever
upstart business
managers forever

© Janey Colbourne

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Janey Colbourne is a writer, performance poet and musician, exploring nature, culture and politics. Her feminist poetry challenges rape culture and its perpetuating myths. Twitter: @JaneyColbourne