Sunday, 9 September 2018

That Was the MUSE That Was

Who's being oppressed?

"Women and children first!"
The infamous quote we all take
From the tragedy that was the Titanic.

This was around the time
Suffragettes resorted to appalling acts
To receive the vote.
Yet the motto was always,
Women and children first.

The Great War started soon after
The men were military fodder;
Granted nurses were sacrificed
Including Edith Cavell
And the canary girls had poisonous dust
On their fingers
From making bombs which blew up
Men on the battlefield.

But "Daddy, what did you do in the War?"
Ensured that men signed up
Including underage ones
(The largest percentage of whom were shot at dawn)
Otherwise they risked a white feather
From an outraged female-
Because men had to protect them and their children,
And fight for King and Country
In the War.

© Amanda Derry


Amanda Derry joined a Creative Writing class, following a breakdown, which played a significant role in her recovery. She now embeds literacy skills into classes that she teaches. Amanda also runs the Facebook Group, I Love Writing.