Tuesday, 11 September 2018

It’s A Crime To Sleep When You’re Homeless

sleeping on the streets
is a criminal behaviour
no nodding off
or the plod will carry you off
and slap you with a fine
for napping

busking is permitted
just don’t let those lids
shut for a minute
or you’ll be in the shit
snoozing is prohibited
limited by law

even if you’re sober
don’t let that head loll over
or they’re onto you
so what if you are down and out
as long as we can’t see it
out in town

when you hit rock bottom
and your bottom’s on a rock
use matchstick props
till nine o’ clock
so you’re not locked up
in the slammer

© Janey Colbourne

Blackburn ukelele busker arrested – for falling asleep

Janey Colbourne is a writer, performance poet and musician, exploring nature, culture and politics. Her feminist poetry challenges rape culture and its perpetuating myths. Twitter: @JaneyColbourne