Friday, 28 September 2018

Class 2A

It’s Monday morning, half past eight
There’s chitter chatter at the gate
The bell rings loud at ten to nine
Children straggle into line
Sleepy Monday morning faces
Amble in to find their places

Miss Parker takes a long, hard look
At what's written in her planning book
Then she looks at class 2A
Just about to start their day

Mary, Mary away with the fairies
Can’t pay attention it seems
She’s designing new dresses for Arctic princesses
Bedecked with gold stars and moonbeams

Olivia Santz has ants in her pants
Miss Parker wants her glued to the seat
But she needs to wriggle and wiggle and jiggle
Who cares if her writing is neat?

Her wriggly body is composing a song
That she hears in in her brain, heart and feet
But it’s time to sit still and listen in class
And Miss wants her glued to the seat

Kitty Kahoon
Heads off to the moon
Leaving her desk far behind
Intergalactic calculation
Is her motivation
Doing sums bores her out of her mind

Then there’s
Billy who daydreams
He got three out of ten
On last Friday's spelling test
But out in the woods he knows the song of each bird
And he'll show you where nightingales nest

Scatter-brain Zain
Finds lessons a pain
As his head floats among clouds in the blue
Looking down from above
He sees a world lacking love
And wonders what we need to do

Miss Parker
Takes another look
At what's written
In her planning book
And decides the curriculum can wait
She invites Olivia to sing
Lets Kitty do her thing
And asks Zain to lead them in debate

Mary shares a dress for an Inuit princess
Billy trills the song of a thrush
The bell rings at four
2A line up at the door
But today
they don’t leave
in a rush.

© Bex Tate

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Bex Tate is frustrated with the data driven education system, left behind her teaching job. She now spends her time writing, pondering life and wonderińg what to do next. Writing poetry helps her to try and make sense of the world as well as giving her the chance to rant a bit!!