Wednesday, 5 September 2018

All Aboard

There are going to be a few changes
on the island of Sodor, begorra!
The Steam Team might be in danger
of becoming Sodom and Gomorrah
with three males and females aboard
if they do not behave as they should.
But we are told they are just friends
and they have promised to be good.

The new crew will be international:
we shall have a Chinese, Yong Bao,
who says that he hails from Beijing
but we know that he is from Macao.
His position will be highly regarded
and he'll be on the locomotive's tender.
He is quite open about his lifestyle
and reveals that he is a transgender.

An addition from India will be
Ashima a young girl from Mumbai.
She is tough and stands no nonsense
and is known to make the boys cry.
But she said that on this friendly train
she'll be nice and reasonable and quiet
and because she is also overweight
is prepared to go on a low-fat diet.

From Down Under they will send Isla,
a woman pilot of a flying-doctor plane
and a man who is normally abstemious
and answering to the nickname of Shane.
Thomas wants more cultural friends,
many will come - the more the merrier.
To get representatives from all regions
he'll have to ask for a Yorkshire terrier.

Luigi Pagano has published three collections of poems: ‘Idle Thoughts’, ’Reflections’ and ‘Poetry On Tap’. His work has been featured in ABCTales’ magazines, UKAuthors’ anthologies, Poetry24 and several other publications.