Sunday, 12 August 2018

To wish President Madura, his family the best

President Madura in his splendor
Faced an enemy to whom he could not surrender.
Not even in the famous – no-go-areas!

The city square shaded by red or steel barriers.
The President spoke to the still lines of soldiers
Who watched with skepticism the drones’ approach.

“I’m alive and victorious,” claimed the President,
After two explosions, and the enemy poached!
By military shots, in quick reproach, on a man

Intent on his Grand-daughter’s celebration,
Than on this strange metallic invasion.
Which brought a grim revelation -

Of his mortality, of wounded men,
That power corrupts, that courage can,
The race is to be run, not finished, nor already run!

(c) Rosalind J. Lee

Venezuela's Nicolás Maduro survives apparent assassination attempt