Friday, 17 August 2018

'They were just nice people'

A De-Kooning stolen in an art gallery
In Tuscon, Arizona
Over thirty years ago.

A couple walked into the gallery
Then disappeared
A torn gap where 'Woman-Ochre'
Used to be.

Respectable in their town
They had been teachers,
He'd written stories
Including 'The Missing Emerald'.

The painting was in their bedroom,
Positioned so only they could see it
Once doors were closed,
Clues gradually leading to the story.

A painting only seen by two sets of eyes
For over thirty years;
Perhaps worth it for their enjoyment?
Then discovered when clearing the Estate.

When the FBI questioned people who knew them:
Surprise - they couldn't steal anything
"They were just nice people,"
Their nephew said.

© Amanda Derry

Amanda Derry joined a Creative Writing class, following a breakdown, which played a significant role in her recovery. She now embeds literacy skills into classes that she teaches. Amanda also runs the Facebook Group, I Love Writing.