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Sunday, 26 August 2018

The Hellas

When The Hellas was holed below,
a crew of pirates came on board
and bailed her out
so she did not sink.

They looted what there was to loot
and plundered on their way.

Anchored to the bottom
on a creaking chain
that wraps around the rocks,
she’s going under one day when.

Her paintwork’s peeled,
the motor’s permanently stalled
and half the crew’s gone overboard.
The holes are just above the water-line.

© Richard Devereux

The end of the Greek bailout

Richard Devereux is a member of Lansdown Poets and Bristol Stanza. His collection Bill tells the story of his grandfather, a soldier of World War One who fought on the Balkan front in northern Greece. Richard taught English in Athens and his knowledge of Greece inspires and informs much of his writing. His poems have appeared in several anthologies and on-line magazines.

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  1. Good poem Richard. As a result of reading it I read this one of yours: : Richard Devereux
    20 February, 2015
    Richard Devereux
    By judisutherland ¶ Posted in poems ¶ Tagged Richard Devereux ¶ Leave a comment
    Political Energy

    At the present time all the energy
    is with the Right, not the Left.

    To the pot-bellied talcum-powdered
    body-politic of the Tory is attached

    a nasty festering UKIP sore and
    the rotting deliquescence of the Liberals

    both of which give off
    an energy of sorts.

    Old Man Labour dozes, snoozes, sleeps
    but cannot even raise a snore.

    The Greens are fine
    for sitting around with in fields

    but soft-edged and un-forged
    in coal or steel or grime

    though in time I imagine
    my own children turning to them

    seeing their Dad
    as some kind of old red dinosaur.

    Richard Devereux is a political dinosaur from Bristol.
    Are you an active red dinosaur? If so it would be good to meet up for some political campaigning in Bristol, with a view to raising the dead on the left