Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Sunset, Sunrise

The Naval Ensign rises in its glory up the mast
And all Britannia's servants meditate on glories past:
When Nelson beat old Boney for the freedom of the waves,
Or Drake burnt Spanish beard while selling Christians their slaves.
A mighty Empire built on gumption, pluck and all of that,
While duly supplemented by the press-gang and the cat,
Ensured that on its flag the jolly sun could never set
By killing lots of foreigners wherever seas were wet.

But that was long ago, and very much has been the water
That's flowed beneath the bridge since all that salutary slaughter;
So urgent is our present need to keep things ever leaner,
It's doubtful whether these days we could take back one Malvina.
So as the Naval Ensign rises up in red and white,
A small revision in design comes to the sailors' sight.
They stand upon the deck, stout chaps and gallant to a man,
And all salute the mighty flag which reads "Made in Japan".

© Philip Challinor

Philip Challinor posts fiction, satire and assorted grumbles on his blog: The Curmudgeon. His longer fiction is available here.