Monday, 20 August 2018

On A Day Trip

They finished their brunch
and went for a walk
but the wife got annoyed -
said: ‘We need to talk.

I know Beans on Toast
Is a dish you love well
but go to the Gents, Hun,
coz boy, do you smell!”

“Sure would If I could,”
says husband, shame-faced,
“but they closed public lavvies
so now I’m disgraced.”

“Well move well away,”
said the wife, who was classy.
“and hold it all in
till we find you a khazi….”

© S.O. Fasrus

Reality Check: Public toilets mapped

S.O. Fasrus: Social Justice Campaigner & Social Research Interviewer. Her verse and poems; some comic; satirical; and serious; can be found online. Recent poems are in New Verse News, Culture Matters, and Poems for Grenfell Tower.