Saturday, 4 August 2018

Driving to the End of the World

Driving to the end of the world,
the end times approach

Driving through the smoke filled air
North of Mt Shasta,
heart of bigfoot country

End of the world images
fill my head with dismal
end of the world visions.
The apocalypse is upon us

The wicked evil as hell
blood red sun
leers at me with an evil grin

Screaming at me,
"what fools these mortals be"

Global climate change
is as real as the smoky fires
that burn and burn and burn

As our leaders turn turn turn away
They can’t handle the truth,
they will sacrifice all life on earth

So the oil and coal barons,
the so-called masters of the universe,
can make their obscene profits,
sending the rest of us to hell.

© Jake Aller

Carr Fire in California becomes 7th most destructive fire in state history

John ("Jake") Cosmos Aller is a retired US State Department diplomat currently residing in South Korea. He served in 10 countries in his 27-year career. Prior to his diplomatic service, he taught ESL, Asian Studies and Government in Korea, and served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Korea. He grew up in Berkeley, California and his poetry is heavily influenced by the Bay Area. For more "Jake" poetry, writings and political rants, check out