Monday, 6 August 2018


Benefits Breakfast

a breakfast meal can be a thrill
if the food bank can comply
Eggs and bacon, you're mistaken
it's tins of beans in big supply
Bread a bit stale
Spread a bit pale
but given to me for free
I'm happy to share if you care
all washed down with a mug of tea.

Breakfast at the Commons

It's not uncommon at the commons
for kippers to appear
with door step toast and duckling roast
subsidized by commoners me dear
Egg benedict and mushrooms sweet
Bacon, hashbrowns a real nice treat
Share with you? not today
it's on the expense sheet all the way.

© Debbie Smith

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Debbie Smith is from Bristol. She loves words and poetry and is a bit political. Currently active in trying to keep the loos and libraries open. Watching our Politics.