Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Boris the Chameleon

I'm Boris The Tory
Born in a leaf of gold.
My ancestors The Liz'ards'
Here before money evolved.
I can change my colour to reflect
who I am,
To shock or amuse any creature or man.
I want to blend with the popular crew,
Bide my time then change my hue.
I want your attention
I want your eyes,
It's nothing to do with being worthy or wise.
See me! See me! I have this need,
It makes me wealthy living on greed.
If you can't out shine me then don't even try,
I don't care if you live or die.

© Debbie Smith

Boris Johnson’s burqa remarks are no surprise – his misogyny goes far back

Debbie Smith is from Bristol. She loves words and poetry and is a bit political. Currently active in trying to keep the loos and libraries open. Watching our Politics.