Sunday, 15 July 2018

Where Are The Birds?

Where are the birds
Pollution spreads its wings
Clouds ever-greying skies
Grasses darken
Rusting without chlorophyll
Before assuming the pallor of slow death
Where are the birds
Plastic chokes oceans
Fish float with swollen bellies
Great cetaceans beach themselves
Blues and blacks become pallescent
Where are the birds
Chemical filth scours the ground
Channelling poison
Furring Earth’s arteries
Where are the birds
In town and country
Sewage stagnates
Ground becomes sclerotic
As the very fibres of life rot
Bloated flies feed with frenzy
Where are the birds
Masses of humans move north
A tsunami of helplessness
Children’s skin colours like ash
Eyes wide but no longer bright
Fat men sit in ivory towers
Where are the birds
Dying world no longer breathes
Where are the birds

© Peter K Jones

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Peter K Jones took up writing poetry and short stories after retiring as a lecturer in employment law. He’s the Secretary of Pinboard Writers in Mold and prefers it to work.