Monday, 9 July 2018

Crow Oop North

(after Ted Hughes)

God tried to teach Crow received pronunciation
Crow said: “Tha needn’t bother.”

God tried to drag Crow to an RSC production
Crow watched Last of the Summer Wine reruns

God brewed a fragrant pot of Earl Grey
Crow got a mug of Yorkshire tea down him

God suggested Pimms on the lawn
Crow ordered a pint of bitter

God had a DVD of Morgan Freeman narrating his life
Crow had a signed photograph of Sean Bean

God thought Crow was a bolshy sod
Crow thought God was a soft bastard

© Neil Fulwood

Pied crow with Yorkshire accent filmed in Knaresborough

Neil Fulwood lives and works in Nottingham. His poetry has been published in various journals, zines and anthologies. His debut collection No Avoiding It is published by Shoestring Press.