Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Apocalypse Now

The omens were bad
The signs were evil.
It was the Blood Moon.
The End of the world.

The first time I lived
through the end times
was on 1 April 1997 when
the prophesied comet
Hale-Bop destroyed
the entire world. It was bad,
but things got worst
In 1999 when Aliens
from outer space invaded
Europe and they sacked
London and Paris
as Predicted by Nostradamus.
Then came the terrible
Year 2000 AD, when
the Millennium Bug brought
an end to the digital age.
Then Kent was destroyed
by a Earthquake in 2009
(that old sage Nostradamus
never got it wrong).
They were dark days,
but the worst of all was
The Mayan Apocalypse of 2012
when the planet Earth was
burnt by nuclear war, flooded
again by never ending rain,
frozen in a new ice age and
was sucked into a black hole
before being blown to bits
when the Sun exploded.

Now we have to go through
it all again, it is so unfair
particularly so close to Brexit.

© Phil Knight

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Phil Knight is poet from Neath in South Wales. His poetry collection 'You Are Welcome To Wales" was published in 2015 by The Red Poets.