Thursday, 5 July 2018

A Greek Tragedy

On ancient seas of Hellenic heroes,
Of poets and philosophers and warriors,
Foam and spume shower tattered lives
Tossed in darkness, with no respite.

No Jason, no Hercules, no Homer,
No Plato nor Aristotle,
As culture is tossed overboard
With hopes and dreams,
Against the rocks,
Splintered wood and deflated rubber
Are a preface to the disaster.

On the warm and sandy beach
Twisted bodies lie.

Where now Hellenic heroes?

© Peter K Jones

Mediterranean: more than 200 migrants drown in three days

Peter K Jones took up writing poetry and short stories after retiring as a lecturer in employment law. He’s the Secretary of Pinboard Writers in Mold and prefers it to work.

(When he retired from lecturing, Peter worked for a refugees and asylum seekers support group)