Friday, 15 June 2018

Wordsworth’s Revenge

It’s led the way from hell to heaven
each day since 1847,
bringing folk from far and near
to Oxenholme and Windermere.

But no trains move along the track
that runs through Burneside and back;
instead of views from Orrest Head
the scene’s a signal, stuck on red.

Wordsworth’s laughing in his grave.
The rustic peace he strove to save
is back; despite the money, bold intentions,
‘romance of nature’ has ‘baffled’ inventions,

and what he called ‘paternal fields’
are spared the beats of drumming wheels,
while here and now, surprisingly,
the track’s the safest place to be.

One hundred years and seventy-one
the trains have done their job and run
through hills to see the lake appear,
from Oxenholme to Windermere,

until this time. All the gizmos, fancy plans,
applied in vain by modern man.
Victorians would not permit the fail
Of 2018 Northern Rail.

© Charlie Lambert

Northern breaks promise as it tries to extend closure of Lakes Line

Charlie Lambert was born in Windermere and has travelled the line to Oxenholme many times. He now lives in Liverpool.

William Wordsworth was a strong campaigner against the proposal to build a rail link to the Lake District, writing a series of articles as well as the poem 'Kendal and Windermere Railway: Sonnet' available at