Sunday, 10 June 2018

That Was the MUSE That Was

Does My Bum Look Big In This?

Trapped tight, he sat
To win a bet, a dare, just for a laugh
Friends left him stranded
Stuck fast
Minutes turned to hours
His struggles for freedom in vain
Each twist and turn held him evermore jammed
In that tiny toddlers swing
He heard the snigger
From a helpful community copper
Who pushed and pulled with no success
“I think we need some help here mate”
The best he could suggest
His embarrassment grew
With the grins of the fire crew
And with the crowd
That gathered and grew
Who’d come to see his sorry sight
While the emergency services did their best
But even the hunks from fire brigade
Couldn’t get him free
Then; “I have a plan” someone said
“Take the swing to bits, instead”
Released at last; set free to regain some of his cool
He sauntered off, unhurt but slightly flushed
Vowing out loud, to the assembled crowd
“No more stupid bets”!

© Peter Wright

Firefighters rescue man, 20, stuck for hours in swing

Peter Wright was born and grew up in Kent and now lives in Dorset. He started writing poetry just over a year ago and tries to write something every day.