Monday, 25 June 2018


No bricks, no mortar,
but bamboo and mud,
huts of the homeless.

Displaced masses,
With futures left behind
on well trod paths,
occupy borrowed land.
But interest must be paid
in compound despair
and shattered dreams.

Hollowed eyes,
faces that have lost their shine,
looking for help
which never arrives.

The legacies
of England's bloody empire.
Writ large for all to see.
Those looks are not returned.

Suu Kyi's lips move,
Trump's echo is heard,
Western shoulders shrug.

They are the forgotten
but not the few.
They are 700,000.

© Peter K Jones

Rohingya surviving in 'the world's largest refugee camp'

Peter K Jones is of mixed Welsh/Burmese descent and is struggling to understand the stance of Aung San Suu Kyi towards the Rohingya.