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Saturday, 16 June 2018

Rat-King Tales

Because the Rat-King
is first and foremost
a Rat, he chews through
walls. Frail brick
between church and
state, sagging particle
board between office
and profit – When I smell
a beautiful cheese I just
chew, says Rat. I don’t
even wait. It’s like a
magnet. – He adjusts his
tiny gold crown with his
tiny paws. -- Is it any
wonder my followers
love me? Look at
all the holes I’ve made
for them to crawl through.

© Alina Macneal

Ivanka Trump Wins China Trademarks, Then Her Father Vows to Save ZTE

Alina Macneal lives in Philadelphia. Her poems have appeared in Apiary Magazine, Poems for the Writing, The World to Come, and other anthologies.

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