Saturday, 2 June 2018

Mad about the man

Yes there are all sorts of issues
To become mad about the man,
A recent one caught my attention
Which made me feel sick.

Never mind Ivanka preening whilst
Palestinians died on the Gaza strip;
Israeli businessmen and Zionists
Back slapping the US in their embassy.
Climate change has been put in Room 101,
An ice sculpture of the man
May or may not highlight it's plight.

He can't stop getting up people's noses
Even in Scotland in the golfing club,
Banning Iron-bru.
His main political objectives-
Undoing the good work of Obama and crew
Hence the latest one;
Revoking aggressive hunting in Alaska.

An opportunity for his rich, gun armed colleagues
To gain trophy points
On the stained red snow.

© Amanda Derry

Trump Team Moves To Lift Ban On 'Extreme' Hunting Tactics In Alaska

Amanda Derry joined a Creative Writing class, following a breakdown, which played a significant role in her recovery. She now embeds literacy skills into classes that she teaches. Amanda also runs the Facebook Group, I Love Writing.