Monday, 4 June 2018

In the Aftermath

(a found poem about the Santa Fe High School)

My gratitude to who are

gathering with us to deal with

the most heinous magnitude of evil:


Ten lives.

Many victims will suffer in the days to come,

prepare a parent for the loss of a child.

We mourn, we come together in enormous suffering.

We look to God,

“Respond to this challenge!”

In the aftermath of this catastrophe,

do more than just pray for the victims, take


Stakeholders begin to


Swift solutions prevent


Second Amendment Rights will protect Second Amendment Rights.

Mental health issues behind gun violence…

            focus to reduce guns,

            mental health,

            identify risk.

In the aftermath, the answers are not always there.

We are still, still in the process of asking:

Who was responsible for the shooting?

We know information:

the Shooter, he wanted to


            the shooting,



We have certain information:

            a shot gun

                      a .38 revolver

                                  obtained from his father

This is something that can be worked out

Investigation and response:

Everyone sends sons and daughters off to school.

Horror greets them,

then the community grieves an unimaginable grief.

Prayers by millions.

We need to be doing everything humanly possible to


this from ever happening again.


them from getting firearms.


this horrible atrocity.

At great cost and great sacrifice, we grieve the horror.

© Icess Fernandez Rojas

Texas Governor on Santa Fe High School Shooting

Icess Fernandez Rojas is an educator, writer, and former journalist. She lives in Houston and is a graduate of Goddard College's MFA program. Her work has been published in Rabble Lit, Minerva Rising Literary Journal, and the Feminine Collective's anthology Notes from Humanity. Her nonfiction has appeared in Dear Hope,, HuffPost and the Guardian. She is a recipient of the Owl of Minerva Award, a VONA/Voices of Our Nation Arts Foundation alum, and is also a Kimbilio Fellow. She's currently working on her first novel. Twitter: @Icess