Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Grenfell Testimony

Don’t make those points now, the learned man said.
But we are the living and they are dead.
Speak now of your loved one, not of those in power.
But now is the time and now is the hour!
Ignoring the lawyers, there’s nought left to fear.
There are points to be made and that’s why they’re here.
The system failed those seventy-two souls
And hundreds of relatives, truth be told.
Trapped in his flat on the twenty-third floor
No saviour was knocking on Hesham’s front door.
Karim spoke through a standing ovation.
Grenfell brings shame to this whole nation,
Truth and justice, they’re here to seek
The room is hushed he continues to speak
Government excuses and councillors’ guff,
But we’ve been censored for long enough.

© Peter Jones

Intimate, harrowing Grenfell testimonies make victims real, not just a number

Peter Jones took up writing poetry and short stories after retiring as a lecturer in employment law. He’s the Secretary of Pinboard Writers in Mold and prefers it to work.