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Monday, 18 June 2018

Flags on cars

Fly the flag with idiotic pride,
it’s the football jamboree.
Infecting nearly everyone.
Suddenly – a pride in our country.

A cycle of absurd fervour,
that hits every four years.
All rejoicing at the start
before inevitably ending in tears.

An incongruous, simplistic belief,
unbridled passion for a game.
A conceited national arrogance.
It is such a shame, shame, shame.

Unified, labouring with zeal,
faith as eleven chase a ball.
Defeat, inexorably comes with a penalty,
the reaction could make a government fall.

So where do all the flags go?
Are they burnt, or are they thrown?
Put away till the next competition,
giving new hope a chance to be grown.

© Darren Beaney

World Cup 2018: Football showpiece set to begin in Russia

World Cup: England fan covers house with giant flag

Darren Beaney: OAP - Old Aged Punk. Writing on and off for 20 years. Did some slams in the late 1990's (very drunk). Never submitted anything anywhere.

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