Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Dear Ms Greer

Dear Ms Greer,
I hear you say
no one was ever killed by a penis.
Are we making too much fuss?
If all that died was trust,
all that died was lust,
all that died was self-respect,
all that died was feeling safe
in the arms of a man.

Dear Ms Greer,
Are we making too much fuss?
If all that died was love,
all that died was a marriage,
all that died was being open to touch,
all that died was the freedom
to have the most beautiful experience in life,

So, dear Ms Greer,
All that died.
And what survives, locked inside?
Life sentence PTSD, anxiety,
pill-popping to hold in
the swirling, sickening, shameful, screaming,
churning, raging horror.

But dear Ms Greer,
I hear you say,
they can’t do violence with a penis.

© Janey Colbourne

Germaine Greer calls for punishment for rape to be reduced

Janey Colbourne is a writer, performance poet and musician, exploring nature, culture and politics. Her feminist poetry challenges rape culture and its perpetuating myths. Twitter: @JaneyColbourne