Friday, 22 June 2018

Bikini Dilemma

Can a real woman after fifty
wear a bikini? Well let me see
now, is she real and does she have one?
Can she get it on?
(The bikini I mean, steady on!
Although, you know,
we’re not quite past it yet.)

Dare she wear? Dare she bare?
Dare she share her real self?
Or should she now sit on the shelf
with saggy tits and scary bits?
Although, I have to say,
The men don’t put it all away.

Get real, be free,
and if you want to go for it,
defiant in your glory,
age comes to us all, so what,
acknowledge your true beauty,
And, just damn well wear your bikini.

© Janey Colbourne

Can a real woman wear a Bikini after 50?

Janey Colbourne is a writer, performance poet and musician, exploring nature, culture and politics. Her feminist poetry challenges rape culture and its perpetuating myths. Twitter: @JaneyColbourne