Tuesday, 29 May 2018


Pretty maids all in a row. But no
one has loosened her hair, dare
say she looks slutty. Fine ass, no class.
So many delicious toys for boys,
scattered among the boss’ bed, red
with tulips and maids, trades
for good jobs. Say yes, tight dress
what, no? But why so?
I have power, from my tower
and can help you. Why blue?
You knew, I’d replace you. Face
the facts, you’re just a blip, cool dip
of fun, a toss aside, finished ride.
You, and youtoo, knew what I’d do,
so time's up, get in your row, contrary hoe.
Remember, girls I still run the show.

© Carol Parris Krauss

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Carol Parris Krauss is a mother, teacher, and poet who lives in the Tidewater region of Virginia. She is a Clemson University graduate who enjoys her garden, pets, and American football. Her poems can be found in online and print magazines such as NewTimesNews, Storysouth, Eclectica, Amsterdam Quarterly (forth coming), and the South Carolina Review.