Monday, 28 May 2018

Two days after the day to remember – it is the day not to forget!

Here is the news…
The Prince married his princess and
they will live happily ever after,
safe and secure, knowing their
palace will never burn, but
for some loyal Englishmen
their home is forever a
smouldering castle.

Here is the news…
The wedding is the headline story!
The inquiry almost the forgotten bridesmaid.
Newsreel of bunting fluttering,
crowds waving, flags flying.
Cheering masses, beaming smiles.
Harry and Megs masks obscuring
those that cry.

Here is the news…
72 died! An inquiry veiled
by the royal nuptials, already
skirting the issue, pushed
under the red carpet, clad in the good news glow
of sunshine and confetti.
Drowned out by marching bands and
thrown aside with the bouquet.

Here is the news…
The honeymoon period is over.
Remember the victims, forget
the wedding snaps and look
at the big picture. Fan
the flames of anger and GAWP
at the cost of a dress, of flowers and the millions to
keep them secure, safe and nothing spared.

Here is the news…
Nothing!!! Save on costs.
Juxtaposed to the lavish celebrations.
The Spare Change Grenfell Tower Theory, where
safe, secure was not a priority. So that
lining the streets to cheer loves young dream
was not on offer for 72 wreaths –
the short changed loyal sovereigns.

In other news…
Let’s make them the subject of
a noble crusade for justice!

© Darren Beaney

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