Sunday, 6 May 2018

The Bare Essentials

Many keen gardeners on the 6th of May
will exfoliate and turn over a new leaf.
There won’t be salad dressing that day;
that is the general consensus and belief.

It seems horticulturists have ruled in unity
that it would be a hoot and a bundle of fun
to shed inhibitions and engage in nudity
but without the risk of catching the sun.

Some spoilsports might say that it’s dirty
to get the sun where it doesn’t usually shine
and that it’s unseemly to be brazenly flirty
but for the naturists it is absolutely fine.

To be tending tomatoes and water cress,
unburdened by clothes, in your birthday suit,
not being embarrassed or showing distress,
they feel that their action will bear fruit.

Among the enthusiasts there is a number
who have noted an increase in their yield.
There is admiration for a huge cucumber
which outgrew everything else in the field.

© Luigi Pagano

World Naked Gardening Day? I love the idea, but here’s why it terrifies me

Luigi Pagano has published three collections of poems: ‘Idle Thoughts’, ’Reflections’ and ‘Poetry On Tap’. His work has been featured in ABCTales’ magazines,UKAuthors’ anthologies, Poetry24 and several other publications.